yurt_016Exercises to strengthen your Abs

  1. Warm up
  2. Then warm up stretches
  3. Lying in relaxation position
  4. Breathe with arms
  5. Then add sit up.
  6. Add spine curl
  7. Add the 100
  8. Add hip rolls
  9. Add spine stretch
  10. Add roll back/roll up
  11. Add roll over (if you can do them safely without assistance)
  12. Hamstring stretch (leg circles)
  13. Rolling like a ball (try one without holding legs)
  14. Single leg stretch
  15. Double leg stretch
  16. Single straight leg stretch
  17. Double straight leg stretch
  18. Criss cross (but keep knees together)
  19. Cat stretch
  20. Cobra stretch

It looks a lot but if you learn it and keep it moving it will take 15-20 minutes – honest!
Don’t do too many repetitions but keep working continuously from one exercise to the next, gradually building up repetition over time.

Beginners’ exercises, or to tone up after a long break

1. Breathing – Relaxation position, cushion between knees.
a. Engage inner thighs and powerhouse and maintain for three full breaths x 3.
b. Add sit-up, hold, roll down x 3
c. Add walking hands up back of thighs to make deeper “c” curve x 3
d. Curl up again, add 100 arms, breathing in for 5 and out for 5

2. Spine Stretch – Forward against wall. Exhale down, breathe in, and exhale back up x 5.
3. Full roll up – 3 to 5 reps (or roll backs if abs bulge or legs lift.)
4. Roll over – Taking legs over head and rolling back down through spine, or if you have any back problems;
Spine curls
On both of these exercises, roll through spine on exhalation.
5. Rolling like a ball.
6. Single leg stretch.

Do all the exercises with just a few reps, maybe 3 or 4, and build up the number as you develop more strength.