lotusClasses at St Luke’s

St Luke’s Community Hall, 194 Ramsden Rd, SW12 8RQ 

The class at 7:30pm on Monday is a pilates class.

It is suitable for students who have a strong pilates practice already and wish to be challenged. It is a flowing, reasonably fast paced class drawing on both classical pilates and modern techniques. It will incorporate seated and standing work to improve strength, balance and posture.

The class at 6:45pm on Wednesdays is a general level pilates class.

These classes are suitable for students with some pilates experience or beginners with good body awareness. The class has a strong emphasis on core control and alignment whilst incorporating some yoga postures to introduce more standing work and mobility to the spine. The classes, when practised regularly will improve strength, flexibility and posture.They are also helpful in improving some postural problems, especially in the back, neck and shoulder areas.

Pilates classes at The reCentre
My pilates classes at The reCentre in Balham are at 9:30 am on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Yoga classes at reCentre
Friday 12:30. A general level class suitable for everyone with a reasonable level of fitness, we will work on individual asanas (postures) to gain an understanding of alignment and purpose. We will then weave the postures together in beautiful dynamic sequences, with a focus on the breath. The classes will help build strength and flexibility and leave you feeling energised yet relaxed.

Please check The reCentre website for details.

Beginners please contact me to talk about which course would suit you best.

All courses are limited to a maximum of 12 students
For more information on times and venues please look at my courses page